How to Migrate Email from Lotus Notes to Outlook Manually or Alternatively

nsftopstHow to migrate Email from Lotus Notes to Outlook? Users frequently search for good and manual solution and for that they face difficulty & more confusion in choosing the right for Lotus Notes emails to Outlook migration. In this blog, we try to solve users’ entire problem regarding this topic by explaining manual & quick, alternative solution. Before describing the solution, we will talk about the extensions of Lotus Notes & Outlook, some points of them and possible reasons to migrate IBM Notes to MS Outlook.

IBM Notes & its Extension

No doubt, Lotus Notes is good desktop mail client for business purpose to manage, share data or information from one place to another. It is provided by IBM. For large scale business handling, users also use it’s sever which called Domino. It is used with a range of local and collaborative server apps which includes personal information managers (PIM), calendars, messages and the Web.

.NSF database file is supported by IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Server to store many types of objects such as appointments, documents, email but also app views & forms. This document file is intended as a working doc file for NSF specification which should enable existing Open Source forensic tooling to be capable to process this partitioning schema. NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility.

Outlook & its Extension

Outlook is used for personal management of information & emails, and it is basically part of MS Office Suite of applications. It is provided by Microsoft Team to receive, store and send emails, it is called a personal information management tool because it also includes tasks, calendar, notes & contacts as well as a journal. Frequently, it is used on a server for large organization, which is called Exchange. It also integrated with mobile device. Its calendar property can be used to maintain plans, meetings & appointments, Outlook can be synchronized with other Outlook user’ calendar.

.pst file is used by Outlook for storing data including emails, contacts, calendar, addresses, tasks, journals, etc. it is a personal folder file in MS Outlook. It stands for Personal Storage Table. In Outlook 2003 to 2016, by default PST files are in the UNICODE format and its limit is 20 GB. Previously PST files are saved in ASCII format and its limit is 2 GB only.

Reasons to Migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook

To migrate email from Lotus Notes to Outlook, there may be several reasons for users which force to do the such migration s as. IBM Notes is shareware application while Outlook is a part of MS Office package. Lotus Notes maintenance is high in comparison to Outlook. GUI of MS Outlook is very simple and non-technical users can also use it without any trouble while IBM Notes GUI is technical. Almost home user prefer Outlook to use as mail client due to its simplicity, advance function, non-technical interface. Still, there may be many other reasons such as switching JOB, business demand to use Outlook from Lotus Notes, Interest in changing apps, etc.

How to Migrate Email from Lotus Notes to Outlook Manually

To know about the manual process of this migration follows the given steps –

  • Open Lotus Notes go to file menu >> Export function
  • Now save the file in CSV file format at your desired location.
  • Choose the Outlook email folder where the files will be saved.
  • Now open Outlook on your desktop.
  • Go to File menu >> Import/Export >> import from another program or file.
  • Choose Comma Separated Value and select location to select exported csv file from the saved location.
  • Finally, select Outlook email folder where the output file will get stored.

By using this process, you will get Lotus Notes files into Outlook but the process is tricky so there may enhance to data loss and this process is very lengthy. It is not safe for migration.

Alternative Migration process of Lotus Notes to MS Outlook

To save your data with 100% accuracy in migration outcome then you can try the NSF to PST Converter that enables to surely migrate email from Lotus Notes to Outlook without any data loss. This program is absolutely safe, simple and advance to provide complete result for migration. It has no limit for data migration. To know about how to migrate from IBM notes to Outlook in easy steps follow the given procedure –


IF you really need a solution for migrating emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook, then you can also try the NSF Converter to evaluate its efficiency or working process which allow you to migrate 20 items from each NSF file to PST Outlook freely.


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